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  • Walking measuring wheel
    In order to fill the gap in the measurement of the shape of the track wheel tread in China, a portable track wheel tread shape measuring instrument was developed. The device consists of a measuring section Walking measuring wheel and a handheld PDA. During the measurement process of the measuring mechanism, the encoder collects the data and sends it to the PDA via Bluetooth for data...
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  • Horse weight lbs
    In some parts where the steel tape Horse weight lbs measure cannot be used directly, you can use a steel ruler or a right angle ruler to align the zero scale with the measurement point, and the ruler body is consistent with the measurement direction, and the distance to a certain end of the steel ruler or right angle ruler can be measured with the tape measure to read directly. When...
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  • cattle weight tape
    Read directly from the tape measure, and if you want to measure around a circular object, pinch the tape measure where the tape measures overlap. Knowing how to use and read retractable tape measures and traditional tape measures can be an important asset for anyone who operates them by hand, so start learning and measuring today. Measuring tape measure retractable adhesive, clip one end of the...
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  • Surveyors tape measure 
    Wheel pressure is an important technical index for the safe and stable operation of bucket turbines, and also an important basis for the design of the bearing capacity of the track foundation, so the wheel pressure test of bucket turbines is very important. The purpose of the wheel pressure test is to verify whether the wheel pressure meets the requirements of the design standard. Excessive...
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  • Adhesive fish ruler
    The density of horse weight tape glass fiber is 2.4-2.75g/CM3, the softening point is 500-600 degrees, the boiling point is about 1000 °C, and the biggest feature of glass fiber as a reinforcing material for reinforcing plastics is that the tensile strength is large. The tensile strength is 6.3 to 6.9 g/d in the standard state and 5.4 to 5.8 g/d in the wet state. Good heat...
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  • Wheel tape measure
    Glass fibers can be divided into continuous fibers, fixed length fibers and glass wool according to shape and length. Glass fibers can be divided into alkali-free, chemical-resistant, high-alkali, medium-alkali, high-strength, high-elastic modulus and alkali-resistant (alkali-resistant) glass fibers according to the glass composition. The main raw materials Fiberglass tape measure for...
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