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  • dap diammonium phosphate
    Why are some orchards seriously deficient in magnesium? Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll, magnesium deficiency will lead to leaf yellowing, affect photosynthesis, reduce the synthesis of organic matter, reduce fruit set rate. As a result, the citrus fruits grow are small and thick- and have poor color, the fruit is not sweet, the quality is poor, and the yield is low, which...
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  • calcium ammonium nitrate price
    Magnesium sulfate also has a beauty effect in green leafy vegetables! Before cultivating the land, use 10-15 kg of magnesium sulfate mixed with decomposed farm manure or organic fertilizer per mu of land, mix well and spread. Topdressing: Use 10-13 kg of magnesium sulfate per acre of land to flush calcium nitrate sol into the crop field with water, if it is a fruit tree, apply 250-500 g of...
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  • magnesium sulfate monohydrate
    Magnesium nitrate is a colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystal. Easily soluble in hot water, soluble in cold water, methanol, ethanol, liquid ammonia. Its aqueous solution is neutral. What does magnesium nitrate do? Magnesium nitrate is highly soluble in water, liquid ammonia, methanol and ethanol. Magnesium nitrate can provide crops with water-soluble nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble...
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  • Magnesium Oxide price
    Magnesium oxide can be used in rubber products and cables and other fields, while magnesium oxide can also be used in the silicon steel industry, such as oriented silicon steel, has been developed into a special magnesium oxide for oriented silicon steel products, called silicon steel grade magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide is mainly used in the preparation process when high temperature...
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  • Magnesium Oxide MgO
    The specific surface volume of caustic calcined magnesite the active magnesium oxide modified by lightweight magnesium oxide is large, and it is an important material for the preparation of high-function precision inorganic materials, electronic components, inks, and harmful gas adsorbents. Lightweight magnesium oxide has extremely high chemical activity and physical adsorption due to its...
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  • Magnesium Sulphate producer
    Magnesium oxide is a general inorganic chemical, general magnesium oxide is divided into active magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, the specific surface area of active magnesium oxide is greater than that of Magnesium Sulphate producer light magnesium oxide, the crystallinity of active magnesium oxide is slightly worse than that of light magnesium oxide, the surface lattice defect...
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