The specific surface volume of caustic calcined magnesite the active magnesium oxide modified by lightweight magnesium oxide is large, and it is an important material for the preparation of high-function precision inorganic materials, electronic components, inks, and harmful gas adsorbents. Lightweight magnesium oxide has extremely high chemical activity and physical adsorption due to its fine particles and a large share of the number of atoms in the body phase. Lightweight magnesium oxide because of its outstanding sintering function, can be made into highly fine fine crystal ceramics or multi-functional magnesium oxide films, together with high activity and high dispersibility, easy to compound with polymers or other data. It is mainly used as a promoter and activator of butyl rubber, neoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and fluoroelastomer. The key to lightweight magnesium oxide is used as a raw Magnesium Oxide price material for glass, dental dental molds, magnetic materials, catalysts, thermal conductive plastics, battery materials, and can also be used as auxiliary materials for cables, silicone PU, silicon steel coatings, tapes, hoses, conveyor belts, tires, magnesium compounds, resins, ceramics, and rubber products. Lightweight magnesium oxide is key as a raw material for the preparation of porcelain, tang porcelain, fireproof crucibles and insulated bricks. It is also used as a polishing adhesive and paper type filler, a vulcanization promoter and activator of chloroprene and fluorine glue. 

Active magnesium oxide is divided into six specifications according to the activity (iodine absorption value): active -180, active -150, active -120, active -80, active -60, active -40 1. Ginseng decolorization (ginsenosides)
2. Medical stoppers (butyl stoppers, halogenated butyl stoppers, brominated butyl stoppers, rubber stoppers, oral liquid stoppers, infusion stoppers)
3. Fluoroelastomer (fluorine rubber mixed rubber Magnesium Oxide MgO oil sealing fluorine film, sealant, fluorine rubber products, O-ring, sealing mat)
4. Adhesives (adhesives, chloroprene glue, chloroprene adhesives, neoprene rubber, special universal glue)
5. Mixing glue
6. FRP (FRP, BMC, DMC, BMC aggregate, SMC sheet, smc plastic parts, FRP water tank, fan, phenolic molding compound, composite material, septic tank, molded water tank)
7. Resin plastic (ABS resin, ABS plastic)
8. Transmission belt (wire rope conveyor belt)
9. Lithium magnesium silicate
10. Alumina ceramic substrate