Magnesium oxide can be used in rubber products and cables and other fields, while magnesium oxide can also be used in the silicon steel industry, such as oriented silicon steel, has been developed into a special magnesium oxide for oriented silicon steel products, called silicon steel grade magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide is mainly used in the preparation process when high temperature annealing as a barrier, adsorbent. Silicon steel grade magnesium oxide Magnesium Oxide powder has the following characteristics: high magnesium oxide purity, low hydration rate, good water suspension, appropriate activity and strong adhesion.
At present, the production of magnesium oxide is mostly industrial grade magnesium oxide, the main use of magnesium oxide for the rubber industry, is an important reactant of rubber vulcanization and rubber manufacturing raw materials, magnesium oxide can enhance the hardness of rubber, magnesium oxide is an important additive in rubber, but also has a vulcanization effect, magnesium oxide can improve Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer the thermal conductivity of rubber, is conducive to the heat dissipation of finished products. The addition of magnesium oxide can effectively solve the erosion of rubber such as mold and ultraviolet rays. At present, the use of high-purity magnesium hydroxide production of magnesium oxide is currently the rubber industry special magnesium oxide main raw materials, magnesite made of light burning powder and magnesite made of lightweight magnesium oxide, the quality of the difference is very large, mainly volume, content and other impurities.
Active magnesium oxide is a new inorganic function emerging in recent years belongs to the new material, the activity of active magnesium oxide is the physical and chemical activity of active magnesium oxide, the ability to react with other substances. Compared with ordinary lightweight magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide in terms of chemical composition and other aspects are not much difference, active magnesium oxide product particles average particle size is small, relative specific surface area is large, active iodine absorption value is high, active magnesium oxide in luminous parts, gas sensors, various types of rubber products, frP, fluoroelastomers, catalysts, adsorbents and other aspects of the excellent properties of active magnesium oxide. In recent years, after continuous development and Magnesium Oxide price applied research and development, active magnesium oxide has been widely used in rubber products, frP, petrochemical industry and other fields. The characteristics of active magnesium oxide, in the magnesium oxide market show that the application of active magnesium oxide is very popular, and the market demand is relatively stable, the development trend is good one of the functional inorganic materials.