Magnesium nitrate is a colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystal. Easily soluble in hot water, soluble in cold water, methanol, ethanol, liquid ammonia. Its aqueous solution is neutral. What does magnesium nitrate do? Magnesium nitrate is highly soluble in water, liquid ammonia, methanol and ethanol. Magnesium nitrate can provide crops with water-soluble nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble magnesium, which can quickly replenish magnesium to crops, improve the content of chlorophyll in plants, and promote photosynthesis of crops. Magnesium nitrate is mainly widely used Magnesium Sulphate producer as a fertilizer for soilless cultivation of crops. Moreover, magnesium nitrate can be completely water soluble and can be quickly absorbed by plants. At the same time, magnesium nitrate does not contain sulfur and chlorine, which can be safely used in various crops, especially suitable for crop seedlings. How is magnesium nitrate used?

1. Magnesium nitrate can be used as a special soilless cultivation or drip irrigation as a base raw material fertilizer, because magnesium nitrate has high purity and high solubility, which helps to prevent the blockage of the dripper of the dropper.

2. Magnesium nitrate can be used as a raw material for foliar fertilizers or water-soluble fertilizers of crops, and can also be used to produce various liquid fertilizers.
Precautions for magnesium nitrate: Magnesium nitrate should not be mixed with other phosphate concentrations to avoid precipitating to reduce fertilizer efficiency and clog the dripper.

Rural people are more fond of the land, especially for the crops they planted by their own hands, and they will take magnesium sulfate monohydrate good care of them. For example, watering, fertilizing, etc. are common farming methods. But careful people will find that even if everyone grows the same crops, the method is the same, but there will always be people whose crops are better than their parents. So what's the problem? Among them, fertilizer is an important factor.
Because some people's fertilizers contain magnesium sulfate, while some fertilizers do not. Magnesium sulfate is a very important element Magnesium Sulphate price in fertilizers and will have a great impact on the production of crops. Especially when we plant some potted plants, if we do not supplement the crops with sufficient magnesium sulfate content, then the growth of the plants will be very poor. There are also some plants with high magnesium content requirements, such as potatoes, tomatoes, etc., when they are given magnesium sulfate fertilizer, then they will produce more fruits. The principle of this is that magnesium sulfate can improve the soil very well, so that the magnesium content in the soil is greatly increased, so as to supplement the needs of plant growth. However, the content of magnesium sulfate is also different, because different production products have different requirements for magnesium sulfate. Therefore, enterprises that want to purchase magnesium sulfate must choose a regular magnesium sulfate manufacturer, otherwise it is easy to cause themselves to be deceived.