Ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for the oxidation of glucose inside the bacteria, thereby destroying the cell membrane and killing it, and the excess oxygen atoms will recombine into ordinary oxygen molecules on their own, without any toxic residues, so it is called "pollution-free disinfectant". It not only has a strong killing ability for various bacteria, but also is also very effective at killing mold. So from what aspects can we understand how the application of ozone generators in water quality is to achieve its use effect.
First, the principle of ozone sterilization
The sterilization of ozone belongs to Alumina Ceramic C795 the biochemical oxidation reaction, and ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for the oxidation of glucose inside the bacteria; It can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy their cell walls and ribonucleic acid, decompose large molecular polymers such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides, and destroy the metabolic growth and reproduction process of bacteria; It can also penetrate the cell membrane tissue, invade the cell membrane acting on the outer membrane lipoprotein and the internal lipopolysaccharides, so that the cells have permeability aberrations, resulting in lysis and death of cells, and the lysis and degeneration of genetic genes, parasitic strains, parasitic virus particles, phages, mycoplasma and pyrogens in the dead bacteria. Looking at the principle of the effect of aseptic technology on microorganisms, it can be divided into three kinds of bacteriostatic, sterilization and lysis, and the use of ozone as a sterilizer is lysolytic.
Second, the advantages of ozone compared with traditional sterilization and disinfection methods:
1.Disinfection, sterilization, decolorization, deodorization, good preservation effect, environmental protection without residue, long-lasting effect. At present, there are mainly the following methods of water disinfection treatment: water immersion, ultraviolet irradiation, disinfectant impregnation, 75% alcohol solution impregnation, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide soaking and other methods. These methods have defects Ozone generator ceramic plate such as incomplete sterilization, high energy consumption, complex operation process, and some even have secondary pollution. The ozone water process completely makes up for the lack of the old process, reduces the cost of people, materials and forces in the disinfection process, improves productivity, and has no residue. The killing effect of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus and Gonococcus is ideal. Because ozone is gas sterilization, under normal operating and storage conditions, bacteria do not have a water carrier on which to survive, so the effect is reliable and long-lasting.
2.Ozone generator can be based on the site situation, customer needs to design the best application program, that is, to ensure the effect of sterilization and disinfection, but not waste resources. For example, the company's technical personnel learned at the application site that the main use of ozone is to soak meat, eggs, vegetables and other foods, and the concentration of exhaust gas in the use of the equipment ozone generator should not be too high and affect the work and health of the operator, and the concentration of the ozone generator can be adjusted for different disinfection requirements.
Third, the advantages of the technical application of the ozone generator
Advanced finely ground ceramic discharge tube technology makes the ozone generator longer life, waterproof and moisture-proof. The most innovative mechanical design, the ozone generator part of the accessories can be removed and quickly cleaned. The equipment is compact, and the air ceramic sandblasting nozzles compressor oxygen machine and ozone components are all in one chassis. Low maintenance, quick couplings and no need for technicians to replace parts. Automatic interface control, visual operation panel, easy to operate. The ozone generator adopts finely ground ceramic connectable discharge body, which has a large ozone production and high ozone concentration, which can maximize the function of the power supply system and the cooling system. The transformer can balance the above changes through the leakage inductance and protect the electronic components.