There is also a lateral pulling force, which directly affects the overall stability of the storage shelves in this row. Therefore, a group of high-quality, technically excellent storage shelves, its force is a whole, on the contrary, it is partially under force, and the local forced shelves have great safety hazards. Some buyers covet cheap prices, the selection of unsuitable shelves simply and roughly installed in the warehouse, because the shelf force is not a whole, the local force is too large, the shelf deformation, resulting in losses occurs from time to time. The storage shelf is a variety of large-span space structures composed of beams, columns and prestressed attachment structures, which belong to the self-balancing structural system. Usually the shelves beams and columns are designed in a parabolic shape, and the poles are arranged vertically and parallelly at equal spacing. If the winding column is replaced by a space truss, it becomes a balanced shelf structure for the storage shelf. It is common to define the drive in racking system different stress states of the storage shelves as: stateless and prestressed. This is from the perspective of professional terms, the goods are stored on the shelf, the beam transmits the force to the shelf column, this force has a longitudinal (vertical direction), we generally call it gravity, directly acting on the shelf column, the column then transmits this force to the ground, and the ground and the shelf column share the force in this direction. 

The development of modern logistics is the condition for the presentation and development of the shelf industry, and it is compatible with the development of industry and science and technology. In the modernization of mobile racking systems large-scale production, more and more promote the socialization and centralization of industrial production. The highly mechanized production and automation must be timely, agile and precise in the supply and distribution of materials that are required. This has led to the agile development of three-dimensional warehouse skills and has become a sign of high technology in factory depictions. The modern concept of saving costs and improving power has become the primary thinking of the thinkers, how to efficiently use the warehouse space, how to further use the volume, but also put on an important position. The main points of shelf storage space processing have two directions, one is how to add the useful use of storage space. The second is how to promote the activities of goods. The space for storing goods heavy duty rack manufacturers is called the storage space, although this space is ostensibly for storage, but in fact this space is a relay station for the purchase, transportation, distribution and distribution of goods, so the storage area has become the intermediate link between the storage and transportation of goods. Therefore, the useful use of storage space has become an important issue for operators and logistics intermediaries to try to improve. Regarding the plan of space, it is first necessary to classify, know the direction of use of each space, and then evaluate its weight trade-offs in all aspects, and then describe the placement after the evaluation has a comparison of weights. If the storage space is limited and it is not possible to plan changes, it is necessary to find ways to maximize the utilization of the ready-made storage space. The presentation of modern warehouses has promoted the development of shelves.