Then, here boiling, a 14-year-old boy, directly blasted out five-star combat power, too against the sky, so that everyone is shocked. At this time, even the dull people also understand that there is a demon here, young age, is already a five-star strong! However, the thing that made them tremble did not end, because after five stars, another star began to condense again, but in the end, the area cracked, and the stone tablet broke down with a bang! "Damn it, what's going on?!" "The super five star strong man was born!" "God, meet a super star strong person, and the age is so young, is this the heir of the God demon?!" On this planet, there is absolutely no teenager of this level, people are looking at Chu Feng, a face of surprise, all were overwhelmed. Isn't this broken tablet too weak? Chu Feng said nonchalantly. This sentence, the people around a petrified, this is installed. Thirteen? However,Steel investment casting, not quite like, because this young man is really too powerful, breaking the monument of combat power. Someone swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "Our planet is also a prosperous source of life, which can be classified as a four-star evolutionary civilization.". Therefore, the battle monument that comes here has a limit of five stars. The four-star civilization is already very strong, indicating that there should be sub-divine beasts on this planet. Under normal circumstances, the five-star battle monument is enough. As a matter of fact, the most powerful son of God on the planet only blasted out a four-star icon. Obviously,deep draw stamping, the speaker knows the inside story, some matters of the cosmic genius list that did not appear until recently, and also knows the battle monuments in various places. Then, there was a lot of noise here. A 14-year-old boy was proved to be a super star, which was a terrible news and spread out at the first time. The castellan mansion took action, and someone came to invite Chu Feng to be a guest. Then, the most powerful orthodoxy on the planet came forward and invited Chu Feng to go to the ancient evolutionary school. My name is Wu Samsara! This is Chu Feng's response to the enthusiastic people around him. Then he ran away. He didn't want to be fettered here. He wanted to go to the star field where the Xilin clan was and take away their great fortune. On this day, a 14-year-old boy named Wu Samsara broke the monument of war, shook the sea of stars, and spread it to the outside world. The youngest super star was born and appeared in Emma's star field, but he soon disappeared on the star road. "It's not just young, it should be said that it's young and almost abnormal. Fourteen years old, this is a horrible little monster!" On this day, many people around the universe are talking about it. The appearance of the battle monument has triggered a variety of heated discussions, such as landslides and tsunamis. With the emergence of the divine body, the primitive road tire and so on, it has become more and more influential. Now, a young man is so tough that it disturbs the tranquility of all places, DIN screw plug ,car radiator cap, and many strong people of great families are paying attention to this matter. Daozi, Fozi, Yingwudi, you hurry up, let's see how many stars you can blast out! "In any case, a group of super stars appear, and the light will illuminate the stars!" "I also expect that if there is a monument of war power, we can rank the geniuses of all nationalities in the universe. These people should start early!" At the same time, many people are also hoping that Wu reincarnation will choose a star field with a higher evolutionary civilization, and then make a move there to test how many superstars can be blasted out. On that day, inside the Great Dream Pure Land, an elder was talking about the name of Wu Samsara, and some people thought that a golden invitation should be reissued for him. In fact, this is the purpose of Chu Feng, is what he wants most! "Go to evolve, and when I become a master of dining in the rosy clouds, I will go to bombard the monument, which is guaranteed to startle your eyes." Chu Feng walked triumphantly on the star road. Young girl Xi is contemptuous, way: "Pretend 13 to run, see you this is promising!" At the same time, on the earth, a group of people are laughing and talking happily in the East China Sea. Wu reincarnation, this must be Chu Feng, he said before to use this name! Fourteen years old? What a shame to pretend to be young. The scalper curled his lips. Toad Ouyang immediately nodded, touched his face with golden stripes, and said, "Yes, he's too thick-skinned. He's more handsome than me when he's free, and now he's more tender than me. It's too shameless!" Really, the breathing method is not nonsense. I am very serious to tell you that it is true. You can see it on my wechat. Chapter 677 cosmic black prison. Under the brilliant starry sky, Chu Feng is on his way, breaking away from the star road with the girl Xi, sneaking into a strange star field, to meet Uncle Ming. Xilin Star Field! They came, this is the base camp of the Xilin people, and this time the destination is the edge of this territory! Obviously, when such a combination arrives, something big is bound to happen. In the sea of stars, Chu Feng disappeared, and the sensation caused by the so-called youngest super star continued. All nationalities were exploring and wanted to extend olive branches to him. According to the information we have, this young man has the blood of the Protoss, and should be our descendants left behind! A senior editor of a media platform controlled by the Celestial Protoss described the incident in a very positive tone and tried to recognize relatives. However, the orthodox people of the Celestial Protoss did not make a statement. In the depths of the universe, Hunyuan Palace is known as one of the strongest universities under the stars. An old man was so enthusiastic that he sighed with emotion and said, "At the age of fourteen, you are already a super star. This is absolutely the capital of heaven. You should enter my Hunyuan Palace. As long as he is willing to come, we will provide all the evolutionary resources to ensure that he becomes a saint!" A media under the Eldar clan also mentioned that Wu Samsara was really good. Although he did not show an extraordinary constitution, he was not as good as Xu Chengxian, a 16-year-old star of the Eldar clan, but he was also a genius. Obviously, after Wu Samsara exploded the stone tablet, it caused a lot of disturbance, which attracted the attention of all ethnic groups. Because he is too young, and his growth potential is amazing. Finally, a chariot drove out of the Big Dream Pure Land and wanted to find Wu Lunhui quietly and observe it. If it was really worthy of the name,car radiator cap, it would reissue a golden invitation card. What to argue about? In fact, Wu Lunhui is our earthman. You are the most shameless God. You have been defeated all the way. Genius has withered, and you have begun to recognize relatives. 。