He stretched out his warm hand to hold her "Not cold" It's like a sign for her to touch yuan Cixian glanced at him and said "You can hold the Buddha's feet temporarily" He smiled helped her sit back and because his warm hands were hotter than hers he simply crouched down in front of her took her hands and rubbed them in the palm of his hand yuan Cixian looked down at him for a long time but he didn't open his mouth She bent her eyes and said with a laugh "Suddenly you are so kind to me Did you do something sorry for me or are you going to Flavors and Fragrances do something sorry for me" As soon as Lu Shiqing's movements stagnated he raised his head and saw that the smile on her face had not changed He was even a little more proud "I was right!" Lu Shiqing did not speak bent his lips lowered his head to breathe hot air into her palm and waited for her hand to be hotter than his before looking up at her again But by this time the smile on yuan Cixian's face was gone She stared at him with red eyes and said "Tell me where are you going again" Bending his knees he looked up and said with an understated smile "I'm just going to the Uighurs" yuan Cixian was suddenly a little afraid to look at his smile She looked up at the zenith and said "When are you leaving" "Tomorrow morning" She didn't speak for a long time before she said "Oh" Lu Shiqing sighed He got up and sat down beside her He hugged her and said "The Turks have attacked the Uighurs It was the two princes who led them in The court can't ignore this" Regardless of the fact that those who led the troops were princes who had escaped from the place of exile in Dazhou if the court stood on the sidelines today the Uighurs would suffer tomorrow and those who would be conquered by Turkic fighters the day after tomorrow would be our common people "I know" yuan Cixian interrupted him "you don't have to tell me this I understand the truth I just" She bit her lip and looked at him "In less than two months I'm going to give birth" Lu Shiqing nodded stroked the corners of her red eyes and said with a smile "It's just right" Two months is just right Then we'll give them the news of victory as a birthday gift yuan Cixian's nose was sour Hearing the word "good news" she asked "Aren't you going to negotiate this time" He shook his head and said "This battle is different from the last one with Nanzhao It must be fought" The court wanted to send troops to help the Uighurs but I would not go to the front I would only follow the reinforcements to the Uighurs and meet the Khan to reach a covenant So you don't have to worry Zhuo and I have been preparing for this for a month and nothing will go wrong "What about him" yuan Cixian asked "was he the one who led the troops to war" He shook his head again and said "For one thing Dazhou sent troops to help the Uighurs and left several empty gates He had to stay in the capital and be alert to King Ping" Second now is not the best time for him to appear in public When yuan Cixian heard this China Chemicals Suppliers she understood "You don't have to go to make a covenant with Khan" she said "You went for the sake of His Highness" On the surface it was a mission for the sage and Dazhou but in fact it was to help Zheng Zhuo get the support of Doran Lu Shiqing nodded his head yuan Cixian sniffed and looked at him unconvinced and said "Even with my two children the three of us together can't compare with him!" Hearing this he laughed and put the tip of his nose against hers and said "I promise I'll catch up with you when you give birth" She glanced at him "What if it's late" "You say" After all yuan Cixian was not willing to swear to him "If it's too late" she said bitterly "I'll pack up after giving birth and run back to the Uighur with a bundle to grab you" Chapter 98 098 In fact apart from worrying about giving birth yuan Cixian still had a little regret that she still couldn't spend the year with Lu Shiqing He may be able to give birth in time for her but he can never accompany her to celebrate the New Year When the Uighur war broke out Dazhou sent troops to support them In order to avoid being exploited by the countries that were eyeing them covetously all the border passes were under martial law and the generals guarding the border towns were not allowed to leave their posts without permission So before the end of the war her father and mother could not go to Beijing This year is doomed to be desolate The next morning before dawn Lu Shiqing went out of the door lightly But yuan Cixian didn't sleep well and he woke up when he lifted the bedding He just pretended not to know what he was going to do For one thing he didn't want to say goodbye to him seriously and it was a matter of life and death For another he wanted him to leave at ease Last night she asked Lu Shiqing about the origin of the Uighur war Because the two princes were deeply involved with the Uighurs and the Turks in the early years Emperor Huining chose Yazhou which was far away from the northwest as a place of exile in order to prevent him from being driven to a dead end The idea of the old emperor was originally good but it was a hundred close did not worry to go from Changan to southeast cliff state will pass through the Huainan boundary where king ping is In fact the two princes had never been to Yazhou As early as when the escort team passed through Huainan the people in the prison car had already been transferred by the hands of King Ping without being noticed Household Chemicals After that King Ping had been actively arranging for the two princes to unite with the Turks to prepare for war until today half a year later To put it bluntly the war between the Uighurs and the Turks began with Dazhou's endless struggle for the throne Lu Shiqing after all had been involved in the mediation for many years yuan Cixian believed that with his ability he would be able to reach a covenant with the Uighurs smoothly but he was still worried that he would be besieged on all sides on the March The Turks would prevent him from meeting the Khan and might kill him secretly In addition the mountains and rivers were far away so he followed the rapid March all the way to eat up the wind frost rain and snow fearing that the old wound would recur After being so worried for more than a month the yuan and Lu families and even the whole Dazhou did not have a good year until the first news of victory finally came from the northwest saying that the Dazhou reinforcements had successfully joined forces with the military forces of the Uighur Khanate and successively recaptured the five cities that had been captured by the Turkic vanguard This is told to the common people always report the good news and not the bad news but yuan Cixian knows how difficult this month is Although she could not get the first-hand military report she could roughly estimate from the few information that Lu Shiqing's Dazhou Rapid March had experienced at least three battles before entering the Uighur territory After going deep into the Uighur they confronted the Turkic soldiers who had always been tyrannical with human flesh boards to block the enemy This seemingly glittering piece of good news is actually very heavy globalchemmall.com