Gold mercury God thunder is said to be a magic weapon left by the ancient monk Jinguang. It is made of countless thunder, gold, iron, silver and mercury. When it explodes, it is a magic weapon with power comparable to that of immortals. Although it can only be used once like an amulet, for the vast majority of monks, such a powerful magic weapon is like something that can be used to save their lives at the bottom of the box. By the way, what do you want most when you come to the South Gate of Heaven? Do you want to trade skills, magic weapons or elixirs? After saying that, Ji Ling looked at Luobei and Dongyan and others and asked. (An important announcement is that many books in Louvre and Zongheng are expected to enter a "semi-shelf mode" starting this Friday. The so-called semi-shelf mode refers to the opening of VIP chapters, but these VIP chapters are free.). As long as you register with ordinary users, collect and log in, you can see it for free. 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Dong Yan looked at Ji Ling and replied, "But the main thing I want to do is to lack the materials for refining the elixir of Samadhi, such as the Millennium Silver Thread Grass, Wenyuan Chalcedony, and Yannian Flower." "Millennium Silver Thread Grass, Wenyuan Chalcedony, Yannian Flower?" Ji Ling, who claimed to be Nantianmen PHS, repeated the names of the three elixirs. Then he looked at Dongyan and asked, "I don't know much about the grades of these herbs. What is the value of the three herbs you mentioned?"? If we use gold and silver to calculate, Belt Filter Press ,Wall Penstocks, how much gold will it cost? "The Yannian flower is worth less," said Dongyan. "It's about a thousand taels of silver. Wenyuan chalcedony and thousand-year-old silver thread grass are much rarer. If they are calculated by gold and silver, they will be more than three thousand gold. "Three thousand gold?" As soon as Dongyan said this, not to mention Ji Ling, who was different from the four people in countless grades, even Luobei was slightly shocked in his heart. Three thousand gold is already a terrible number. You should know that in the past hundred years, there have been wars everywhere in the world. Some laborers have worked hard for a year, but they can't earn a few taels of silver. In the treasury of many Dynasties, there are only hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, and most of them are only millions of taels. But for ascetics, just this medicinal material is worth three thousand gold. This shows how much financial support is needed for some sects. Without enough financial resources, some alchemy schools, even if they have good elixirs and enough practitioners, can not produce good elixirs at all. In particular, the higher the cultivation, the higher the grade, the better the refining, and the greater the cost of the things to be consumed. No wonder the sects in the north are all trying their best to rob the grave and collect so much gold and silver. On the other hand, a school that has won over many forces and has a huge source of financial resources will have a lot of advantages over ordinary casual practitioners. The three medicinal materials you want are of such high value that they must be rare. After Ji Ling calmed down, he said, "I'll directly find someone to help you release the news of buying these medicinal materials everywhere, so as to save some time." "Release the news?" Luobei and Dongyan, Nalan Ruoxue, only to see Ji Ling beckoned, one side of the street crossing quickly ran out of a big man holding a wooden sign, dressed in black silk. The big fellow was tall and very burly, a head taller than Ji Ling. Ji Ling himself took out a silver ticket with a face value of one hundred and two and handed it to the big fellow, and then said a few words to the big fellow. The big fellow immediately nodded, carved a sharp cone on the wooden sign in his hand, and then pulled out a yellow paint bottle, which painted the words into a striking yellow. The big fellow held up the wooden sign high and walked in front of the market and shops. The striking yellow words on the wooden sign were, "Buy Millennium Silver Thread Grass, Wenyuan Chalcedony, Yannian Flower, Interview." Originally, there are two ways to release news in the secret market, one is to publish the news directly on some eye-catching bulletin boards, and the other is the big fellow. In fact, this big fellow is also one of the taps, and now Ji Ling sees that the value of Luobei four people to trade is very high, if the transaction is successful, their own draw is also high, so it is directly out of one hundred and two, the big fellow will wander around. If the news is released in a fixed place, there may be many people who may not see it, so that almost all the monks in the South Gate of Heaven can see it, as long as they have these medicinal materials and have the intention to trade, they should not miss it. The man will bring them to us. After Ji Ling looked at the big fellow and began to walk around with the wooden sign, he said to Luobei and Dongyan,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Nalan Ruoxue and Cai, "Since you still want to go around and see other things, I'll take you around first." ……。