But the banquet back to the village was quite lively and grand. The reason why we attach so much importance to the banquet back to the city, in the final analysis, is because the big house wants to save face. The Dafang family wanted the whole village to know that their daughter had married a man working in the city in style and would go to the city in the future. The banquet was very lively. There were seven or eight tables inside and outside Lao Yan's house, and some prominent people in the village were invited. The village head, the commune secretary, some of the employees in the commune, and some of the more talkative old people in the clan were all called over. The dishes at the banquet are also very good. There are vegetables and meat, fish and shrimp, and they are all big pieces of meat, big chickens! Lin Xiaoyue's family also came to eat the wine. Their three-bedroom family, two-bedroom family and two old people sat at the same table, which was crowded. Tonight, everyone eats their own food and wine, and it seems that there is no atmosphere of quarreling. Yan Hongying and Chen Zeqing dressed in red clothes, jubilant shuttle in the banquet, Yang Chengyu and Yan Dajun two elders are also in the wine table. Their youngest son, Yan Hongqing, was sitting at a table full of children, showing off to other children the gifts Chen Zeqing had given him in the city. It can be seen that everyone in the Dafang family has a layer of joy today. Lin Xiaoyue is dragging his chin, his mouth can not help but send out a murmur, "this person a red envelope,potassium sulphate fertilizer, do not know how much to receive.". How can I confiscate such a cool favor red envelope. Yan Yang beside her heard her murmur, turned to look at her, and immediately felt guilty. Because they got married too casually, no wedding, no red clothes, no banquet, no guests,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, not to mention what kind of red envelopes. With a guilty heart, Yan Yang took Lin Xiaoyue's little hand and whispered in Lin Xiaoyue's ear, "I'll supply you later." "Huh?" Lin Xiaoyue listened and froze for a moment. "What is it?" Yan Yang leaned close to her ear and repeated clearly, "I'll make up for your wedding later, so that you won't be wronged." "No, I'll just read it casually. It's still very troublesome." Lin Xiaoyue did not expect him to be so easy to take seriously, but his reaction and attitude made her very happy. Trouble is all right. Yan Yang nodded and said earnestly, "I will certainly supply you." "No, no, I really just read it casually. Don't listen to me too much." Lin Xiaoyue smiled. Alas, there has never been such a happy event in our family. At this time, Wang Xiuying on the other side of Lin Xiaoyue did not know how to suddenly talk about it, and then asked Lin Xiaoyue, "Xiaoyue, or our family will also hold a wedding?"? You see, caustic calcined magnesite ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, our family owes you a lot. We didn't even give you a decent wedding. "Why do you say that, mother-in-law?" Lin Xiaoyue is embarrassed. The main reason is that Wang Xiuying was envious when she saw other people holding such a big wedding. Because the Sanfang family had never had such a happy event, she really did not feel the joy of her daughter-in-law entering the door. "Then our family will reissue one." Yan Yang made a prompt decision, "Pick a good day tomorrow, as soon as possible to implement this matter.". I want to marry you again in style. Lin Xiaoyue just wanted to refuse Yan Yang, Wang Xiuying beside him had nodded directly, "Yes, anyway, I don't know how much it costs to hold a wedding.". The main thing is to hold a happy event, and the family is lively, so you can't let Xiaoyue be wronged, right? Lin Xiaoyue looked at her husband here and her mother-in-law there, and suddenly she was so caring and loving to herself that she really felt that she could not afford it. Then at this time, sitting at the same table with them, Chen Cuiyun of the second house suddenly opened her mouth in a strange way, "Daughter-in-law has been married for so long, what's the happy event? I think she just wants to receive a red envelope?" Sour after this sentence, Chen Cuiyun's Yan Lianhua can't wait to add words, "Our family has no money to send red envelopes!"! Don't make these names that you have or don't have! You only know how to exploit other people's homes! The second wife's family has been poor for a long time. After getting the wages every month, you have to remit 80 yuan to the city. If you don't remit it, you will receive a call from the commune. It's a debt collection call from the people over there. Because the money had to be paid back, and it was still too much, so the second wife's life was getting poorer and poorer. As soon as I heard the topic related to money, I opened my mouth sour. The pattern is so small that Lin Xiaoyue insists on their family's abjection from another angle. Although provoked, Lin Xiaoyue still felt quite happy! "Don't worry!"! If we can't get a red envelope, we won't invite your family. Wang Xiuying rudely refuted Erfang's family, "We don't want to invite your family to our house to eat!"! Last time I asked your family to have a free meal, and I was made unhappy by your family! If I weren't related to your family, I wouldn't want to see your family in my life! Wang Xiuying has a lot of money, and now she is right about Chen Cuiyun, and she doesn't have to be polite at all. Chen Cuiyun was Wang Xiuying said red in the face, almost can not help but want to quarrel, but before she aroused anger, the side of Yan Dalin holding her wrist. Only then did Chen Cuiyun manage to suppress her anger. At this time, when Wang Xiuying saw that she had eaten too much, she seemed to feel that she was not satisfied. She deliberately asked, "Hongying in this big room is married. When will your lotus get married?"? I remember the age difference between Lianhua and Hongying is not much, right? "It's none of your business!" Yan Lianhua exasperated back to Wang Xiuying, "whether I marry or not has nothing to do with your family!"! I'm not marrying because I'm still choosing! I'm more beautiful than Yan Hongying, and I'm sure I'll marry better than her! Just after this big talk, two elders of the big house family and a couple of newlyweds came to the table. Yan Lianhua said this super offensive big words, was heard by all four people in the big house! At that time, the expressions on the faces of the four members of the Dafang family could be said to be ugly! Yan Lianhua sees the person of big room home, facial expression also is embarrassed to die, bury a head hurriedly, lower one's head to eat drumstick. At this time,Magnesium Oxide powder, Yan Hongying, as a bride, thought to herself that Yan Lianhua still had the face to eat the chicken legs at her family's banquet! What are you talking about?. stargrace-magnesite.com