However, the two agreed that the harvest was far more than the 2,900 yuan, and there was also a chance to appear in the camera. I just don't know when the TV series they played will be on TV. Fang Lian & Li Lihua: I'm looking forward to it. When Gu Mingfa returned home, he found that he could not understand the conversation between his wife and children. He could not get a word in edgewise. He felt that he was excluded. After selling a wave of pity, he got a little attention. Secretly for their own encouragement: next time I go! (Li Lihua: No way, just look after the house!) Home the next day, school starts, Li Lihua is afraid of tired daughter, after all, a summer vacation is busy, too hard. Here's what she said: Would you like to take two days off? Anyway, just started school, the first two days of the course is simple, it doesn't matter if you don't go. Isn't it said that the admission score of art students is very low? Your final exam is so high that it's enough. "I heard people in the vertical shop say that art students are usually busy with art, and only two months before the college entrance examination will they rush into cultural classes." "Don't work too hard when you go to school anyway." “……” Fang Lian: The immortal logic of the devil's mother, give you a like and call for you. No matter how Li Liping instigated her, Fang Lian went to school on time on the morning of September 1. The simple and beautiful high school life was totally relaxing for her. The head teacher of the first year of senior high school followed the class to the second year of senior high school, saying that the second semester of senior two would be re-divided according to the results of liberal arts and science, so the students were still old classmates. Fang Lian is 1.68 meters tall. She is tall among the girls. She is still sitting in the penultimate row. Two of her deskmates have changed. Except for the first one who is a boy, the others are all girls. These days, teachers guard against puppy love like thieves, unless absolutely necessary,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, will not allow men and women to sit together, especially beautiful girls like Fang Lian, is the focus of teachers to guard against the object. Fang Lian received several love letters when he was a freshman in high school. He didn't have the nerve to read them at school. After school, he secretly brought them home. He read them carefully and carefully. His solemnity was absolutely no less than that of reading comprehension. It was impossible to reply. Although she felt that this kind of pure love was very beautiful, the male classmate who wrote the love letter was not beautiful. According to her observation, nine times out of ten, the one who is long is short. Anyway, I have no appetite and I don't like it. Because the summer vacation is too rough,Magnesium Oxide price, Fang Lian's whole person blackened several shades. As the saying goes, "One white covers a hundred ugly, one sun destroys all", a little boy who once persevered in writing her a love letter, after seeing the goddess of "destroying all", forgot his promise of "loving you for ten thousand years, and his heart will never change" in the blink of an eye, and fell in love with other girls. Let Fang Li feel at ease and sigh: a man's mouth is a deceptive ghost. However, the black is fast, the white is also fast, only two months, Fang Lian has restored the former whiteness, moreover along with the age growth, the face has opened, the person is also more and more beautiful. Interestingly, two months later, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide price, the "true love man" and his little girlfriend went from passionate love to alienation, and even turned around to write a love letter to Fang Lian. When the little girlfriend found out, she hated Fang Lian. When she saw Fang Lian, she always glared at her viciously. Fang Lian: I am more wronged than Dou E. Fortunately, after the final exam of the second semester of senior high school, the school was divided into classes again. Fang Li-an did well in the final exam, more than 100 points higher than the first score line. According to this score, he was a key university seedling, so he successfully rushed into the first class of science rocket. Science rocket class is the original class one and class two, Fang Lian crossed the class two directly into the class one, this situation is extremely rare. Like her, there is a male classmate who is said to be a transfer student. Did not take the exam directly into the rocket class, this alone is very fascinating. The students of Class One are not enthusiastic about the two new students, of course, they do not show obvious rejection, but most of the students are busy studying and have no time to get in touch with the new students. Because the number of boys and girls in the original class is even, there is no single student, so the two became deskmates. Fang Li-an's new deskmate is Lu Chen, who is 1.82 meters tall. Handsome (better looking than Pan An?) Great body (8 pack ABS?) Fang Li-an, as his deskmate, has a deep understanding of this point. Dashuai likes to sleep on his desk during the break. Fang Lian occasionally catches a glimpse of his immortal sleeping face, and always habitually praises him in his heart. Every time Dashuai came back from playing basketball, his clothes were soaked with sweat and stuck to his body. His eight-pack abdominal muscles came into view naked. Fang Lian was always embarrassed to swallow two mouthfuls of saliva. Chapter 213 Small desks simply can not accommodate 1.2 meters of long legs, most of the time, handsome than the legs in the aisle. However, as soon as the break came, he changed his direction, either on Fang Lian's stool or behind Fang Lian's back, causing Fang Lian to trip up carelessly. My legs are so long! However, Dashuai apologized sincerely every time, and the excuse was reasonable-after class, there were too many people coming and going in the aisle. Fang Lian is too lazy to haggle with him, nor angry, but the eyes are more presumptuous, look at a few more grass face as compensation, handsome than often seen by her red face, heart beat faster. Color embryo Fang Lian: I asked for it! One day in the middle of May, when Fang Lian came home from school, Li Lihua excitedly told her that Chen Ge called in the morning, saying that there was a crew to recruit actors, and asked Fang Lian to call him back later. Fang Lian looked at the time and dialed it at half past eight. Chen Ge picked it up very quickly, and he should not be busy: "Yanyan," a Sword Piaoxue Enmity Record "is going to be remade again. This time, we are recruiting actors for the society. You can go to the Internet to have a look. If you have a favorite role, you can sign up for it." That night, Li Lihua took her daughter to the bar late at night. They found the website mentioned by Chen Ge and found that there were 144 roles on the recruitment list. There are two recruitment requirements, and their mother and daughter are just right: Female, age 14-18 years, height 160-170 cm, number of recruits: 21; Female,calcium ammonium nitrate price, age 30-40 years old, height 160-175cm, number of recruits: 40.