Just as she was about to approach, she saw that the queen had a well-thought-out plan and ordered people to open the curtain lightly. The cloud noble's face was pale, blue and white, and his breathing was quite weak. "Yang Baolin is so vicious." I heard that sister Chen befriended her? The queen asked in a faint, meaningful voice. The morning dew was about to take the wrist and feel the pulse, but when she heard the words, there was a warning sign in her heart. Then she saw a cloud of noble people, but when she saw the faint breath, she was about to hold her breath. What a deadly trick! She gently raised her willow eyebrows and brushed her long sleeves. Instead of feeling the pulse of Yun Guiren, she took the "Tai Ah" from Jian Qing's hand and drew her sword out of its scabbard with a clang. The sunlight in the morning is golden, shining on the bright body of the sword, and the sharpness cannot be seen. Chenfei, what are you doing?! The queen's snow-white face turned livid, and she staggered back in terror, accidentally stepping on her own skirt, tottering. The palace people around were shocked. The guards outside the door were about to enter when they were swept by the morning dew. They felt as heavy as Mount Tai and dared not act for a moment. "Your Majesty, please don't be impatient. I'm coming to cure Yun Guiren." The morning dew smiled and let the sun shine all over her body. Her expression was awe-inspiring, as high as ice and snow. In her smile, there was another kind of irony. "Treatment.." ?" The queen seemed unable to react, but mechanically repeated. "Yunluo was almost killed by my sword today." Chen palace volume five chapter one hundred and twelve throne The sword was humming and trembling in the hands of Qianqian Su, as if it were spiritual and natural, protesting against being used on such an occasion. But seeing a flash of snow, the white blade waved a sword flower, like a poisonous snake, toward the throat of the cloud noble. This seems to be fast, but is deliberately slow down, all Qi Qi exclaimed, but are weak female flow, who dare not come forward to stop. Just like a stream of light,Surveyors tape measure, the scorching sun on the horizon turned pale, and this sword forced back the gloom and gloom of the whole hall. With a scream, the Yunnan and Guizhou people were no longer dying. They jumped up from the bed, dragged their silk clothes, and staggered barefoot to dodge. The people of Yunnan and Guizhou just thought too much, and after a few times of imagination, when they first saw bleeding, they thought it was the difficulty of miscarriage. Only at the critical moment can people really find out that they are safe and sound. Chen Lu laughed coldly and said jokingly, "Yun Guiren, you jumped up. You are very dexterous and agile. You can see that you are in good health. It is really gratifying." Embarrassed and frightened, Yunluo hid back in bed and pretended to be delicate, but she couldn't. She let the maid help her put on her robe and was stunned on the spot. The empress has always been a Bodhisattva. Now that the cloud noble has nothing to do, you should be happy. The morning dew smiled coldly and leisurely. The queen and her trusted followers looked at each other with changing expressions and gritted their teeth in silence. yuan Qi listened quietly, and Junyi's face was livid. Harem contention, has always been so, Fish measuring board ,fish measuring tape, there is nothing to be angry. Said the morning dew with relief. What thinking is too much, a few times of imagination. These two snakes and scorpions, you still give them a step down. yuan Qi sighed, his voice tired and cold, but with a touch of guilt. The empress came for me, and when Yang Baolin got a little closer to me, he suffered this mishap. If they were exposed, could the emperor issue an edict to abolish them?! The morning dew looked at him and asked him directly, without any consideration. You're right, I can't waste her. The bitterness in the emperor's mouth is like a green olive, but it is a deep pain. In the past few days, I have worked hard day and night for the sake of the vassal king, but in the harem, I still don't worry about it-I really have a good queen! When he thought of the former court, his heart was even more depressed, and he lowered his head as if he were very tired. A pair of green hands straightened the golden crown between his hair, and the delicate warmth made him look up in astonishment. The morning dew stood against the wind and gazed at him with a smile. Why do you pretend to be so decadent? She raised her eyebrows and said, "a real man, do you have to sigh when you meet such a thing? How many people in this world can be rich and leisurely, and have a virtuous wife and a filial son?" Her sharp words, like a blow to the head, shook the emperor out of his depression. "I thought you would comfort me," he said with a wry smile. The morning dew glanced at him and said, "If you want to speak like a flower, the emperor just goes to the harem to look for it. There are so many of them, and everyone knows how to comfort them with gentle words.." "But they're not you." yuan Qi gazed at her tenderly and reached out to brush her messy hair between her temples. "They are not the people of my heart!" As they walked and talked, they had already left him behind. When the attendants saw them walking side by side, the atmosphere was harmonious. With a knowing smile, they just followed them far away and did not approach. At this time, the green shade is verdant, the sunlight is shining, slightly hot, and the breeze is blowing, which makes people's hearts quietly hot. In the palace of Cining, the queen, with an obscure and unwilling face, sat at the head of the queen mother and listened quietly to the instructions. The Empress Dowager took a sip of cheese slowly and scolded with a sneer. "I told you it was too dangerous. It was a child's play. You didn't listen to me. You made a big fool of yourself this time, but how could you get married?!" The empress steeled herself and argued, "Chen Fei just said that Yunluo had thought too much. After several imaginings, she mistakenly thought that she had a miscarriage.." The Empress Dowager looked at her and said, "You are still ignorant. When such words are spread, no one knows the secret. You, the middle palace, don't know how much ridicule you will suffer.." "I didn't expect you to be successful," she asserted sharply. "How much energy did you waste in the harem? But I don't know that the wind and clouds in the court are changing, and my Lin family is in danger! Frightened, the queen stood up and said in a trembling voice, "Mother?!" The Empress Dowager looked at her and said faintly,Horse weight lbs, "Do you know why the vassal kings stayed in the capital?" The empress was slightly surprised. She thought for a moment and said, "Is it to fight for more fiefdoms?" "A woman's opinion!" The Empress Dowager said disdainfully. She gazed at her niece and said with a sneer, "They think the emperor's throne is too high and they want to lower it." "What?!" The queen turned pale with fright and felt cold all over her body. Chen palace volume five chapter one hundred and thirteen end of the month. tapemeasure.net