Calabash brothers team, has not shot, Jiang Yan's mutant machine beast, can also provide cover, the other side has archers, arrows attack has not stopped, but Jiang Yan even regardless of those arrows, 10 arrows, only one can lock him. Avoiding the arrow amulet, the field doctor's medal, and the attributes of the imperial seal, all make most of these attacks lose the possibility of locking Jiang Yan. I'll only kill you if you have thousands of horses. Jiang Yan's goal is clear, that magician and mind division, standing beside six warriors, two paladins, has been ignored by him. In the end, the magician of the belief team blessed everyone with acceleration skills, and at the same time added a magic collapse to the tank. The defense he had just arranged took effect. On the ground, two fire dragons came out without warning and hit the tank. The two fire dragons were inspired by the magic array arranged in advance. As a result, the tank rushed through the fire dragon, and the fire dragon collapsed directly. Jiang Yan shot back,faux ficus tree, a treatment pellet hit the magician, the magician was startled, then found himself not only not injured, life value, physical and mental strength are instantly long back. This is the doctor's treatment? Much faster than the priest effect works! Behind Jiang Yan, the magician immediately reported his basic attribute value, as well as the current attribute value. Other members also follow suit, has been surrounded by the enemy,Faux cherry blossom tree, even if they can rush out, they will be frequently injured, at this time, or make a good relationship with the doctor. Keep your own strength, hide information, and you can't blame the doctor for being irresponsible if you can't cure it. Jiang Yan's team, based on the full state of the rush up, six warriors scattered, two paladins in the middle, at the same time outflanking up, behind the magician, began to prepare powerful magic. Jiang Yan wrote an amulet on the mutant organ beast, which fell out of thin air in front of the mage and released a horn anger. This skill is not only a defensive skill, but also interrupts the opponent's skill, causing the opponent to be forced to prepare any skill within 2 seconds. This skill consumes 240 points of Wuqinzhen Gang, large palm trees for sale ,silk cherry blossom tree, only 2400 points of attack power. Under normal circumstances, it consumes so many Wuqinzhen Gang, causing at least 20,000 damage. The consumption of these five birds is used in the state attribute of the skill. The magic prepared by the magician was immediately interrupted and did not bite back, but the 2-second interruption of the skill made him temporarily lose his attack power. The mind master behind the sorcerer exerts a mind barrier for the sorcerer. The machine gun fire on the tank was interrupted by the mind barrier. This is the only defensive skill that is not afraid of bullet impact damage. Jiang Yan's speed suddenly accelerated, and the mutated organ beast turned into a dark shadow, struggling to hit the barrier of the mind. It is true that the mind barrier is not afraid of bullet impact, but it is also limited. It is also a gunpowder weapon. If the heavy artillery approaches, the mind barrier will be smashed. The collision of the mutant organ beast was quite fierce. This time, its own life value dropped by half, as much as fifty thousand, but the barrier of mind power was also broken. Nian Li Shi was startled to see Jiang Yan raise his left hand and aim at the magician with a ferocious dragon's head fist in his hand. Nian Li Shi did not hesitate to release a space cage and trapped the magician inside. This instant skill protected the magician. No matter what attack Jiang Yan had, he would be blocked by the space cage. Jiang Yan did not release the deadly bullet, but a white light, hit the mind division, mind division of the mind armor, was directly hit a hole, eyebrows, more than a blood hole. Nian Li Shi's face was full of consternation. This time, Nian Li's armor reflected 24% of the damage back, but did not resist Jiang Yan's attack. The crystal of destruction is the most ferocious defense skill of Nian Li Shi. Only then did Jiang Yan's Magic Dragon God Cannon blast out seven bullets, which were shot into the mind of Nian Li Shi along the hole made by the destructive crystal, and then seven deadly bullets were detonated by Jiang Yan at the same time. Nian Li Shi's whole head exploded and turned into a fog of blood. Bypassing the paladins on both sides, they got out of the way of Jiang Yan. They wanted Jiang Yan to hit the space cage of Nian Li Shi, and then launched an attack. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yan made a false shot. I don't know what method he used to kill Nian Li Shi. With two bangs, the chain hammer of the demon God hit the two soldiers back a few steps. At this time, he made a move. With a little finger, a colorful light flew out and turned into red lotus blossoms, covering the two soldiers back. In Zhan Tian's hand, a nine-ring golden knife swept across, and a knife ring with a diameter of more than 20 meters flew out, repelling the soldiers on both sides, and a paladin even spat blood. At this time, the magician came out of the state of the space cage, a pale golden scroll in his hand opened, and before the magic was released, a purple gourd flew up and swallowed the whole magic scroll in the magician's hand. The magician immediately crushed a rune in his hand and nodded to Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan felt as if his soul had been hit by an invisible force. However, on the blood bead of the soul, the seven methods roared at the same time. The magician who released a finger of death was directly blown up by Jiang Yan's soul counterattack. Jiang Yan took advantage of the opportunity that a life had a price and added it to the magician. The other side took advantage of Jiang Yan and others to destroy the lake, when the magic fluctuated violently, only then approached from outside the scope of exploration, arranged an ambush circle. Jiang Yan was shocked by the accuracy of such calculations. So he has to break through the encirclement regardless of everything, and he must not let the other side trap him. When Jiang Yan's Red Cross Dragon Soul pointed to the magician again, the magician was scared out of his wits. Just now, Nian Li Shi's almost absolutely defensive Nian Li armor was shot through by the other side. He didn't want to block it. At such a close distance, he didn't even dare to use teleportation. Acceleration,outdoor palm trees, custom, floating, and elemental exclusion skills were superimposed on his body. The magician shifted more than ten meters to the side.