Jiu Ya rubbed his eyes and shook his head. When he wanted to take a closer look, Fu Mo had already opened his eyes. He was still very surprised to see Jiu Ya. He turned to look at the door and asked, "Didn't I bolt the door?" Nine elegant one hum: "Really good memory." When Fu Mo saw that she was all right, he said, "Thanks to you. If you want to see me meditating in the future, don't touch me, or you'll get hurt." "Why?" "If I am stimulated, I will fight back and get hurt if I don't know anything." Mo stood up and looked her up and down. "What are you doing here?"? I'm all right. Jiu Ya was so angry that she jumped to her feet and pointed to his nose. "I saved you, but how could you say such a thing?" Fu Mo is slightly vexed: "What should I do?"? You don't want silver. "Of course I don't want silver." Jiu Ya jumped in front of him and stopped him. "What I want is you." "Eh?" "It's my young lady!" Jiu Ya put her hands on her hips and lowered her voice a little. "It's you anyway.". Do you understand? Mo's face changed, and finally laughed: "Understand?"? What do you know? "Don't you like my young lady?" Jiu Ya was frightened by his smile and put her hands back on her back. Don't like it. "Yeah?" Jiu Ya gasped in surprise. "Why?" Fu Mo looked at her with a smile. "I just want to ask you why!" Jiu Ya looked up at him and thought carefully, "But the young lady is very beautiful and has a good heart. She has a lot of dowry.." Mo shook his head: "So you save this idea, forget it." Still, he took out the ingot of silver. "I said your eyes lit up when you first saw it, and you thought why not!"! Take it and don't come again. Nine elegant holding silver, heavy, but the best foot silver. She followed Fu Mo on the tail, not understanding how a good word could be said like this. She was a little angry, but she was not confident enough to hold the silver, and she was reluctant to give it back to him. She muttered, "You are ungrateful. What's the use of taking the silver?"? It's not like I want this. Fu Mo went to the door and saw that the little tail was following him closely. He turned around and said,65 inch smart board, "Get out quickly, or I'll throw you out." Jiu Ya said, "I saved you. How could you do that?" "Then I'll give you a small trick, so that you can't get close to me all your life," said Fu Mo angrily. Jiu Ya grabbed his black robe in one hand and said, "My young lady is really nice.". I've been serving her for years. A master like that is really good. Think again. "Let go." As soon as Mo said a word, Jiu Ya felt that her body was as soft as water,75 smart board, and she could not touch the ground. She was about to shout loudly when she stepped on the ground again. She looked down and saw that, fortunately, it was on the ground. Look around again, where is good? The man was already a few feet away from the courtyard. She was so angry that she took a quick glance and said, "Fortunately, the silver is still there.". When I wanted to go up and knock on the door again, it was like a ghost hitting the wall, and I couldn't get there. Finally, he had to go back sullenly. When the young lady asked about today, she said that today was all right, and made up some words to make her happy. In fact, her heart was full of worries, and her little heart was overwhelmed. So after a few days, Jiu Ya ran out every day, interactive boards for classrooms ,65 inch touch screen, but even the gate of Black Clothes Man Mo did not reach. Every day when I come back, I have to make up some words to make the young lady happy. I suffer unspeakably, because once I lie, there is no turning back. Looking at the young lady's bright face every day, she could not burst her dream, but ran more frequently every day to find someone. She did not know that there was more gossip about herself. Jiu Ya was young, but she had a high status. She got the highest share of money at a young age. I don't know how many people in the Luo family were jealous. She went out every day, and there was no need for anyone to explore. The story soon spread: everyone knew that Jiu Ya shamelessly went out to look for a man at a young age, and even the man's appearance was vividly described. On that day, Jiu Ya came back with a heavy step, thinking about how to talk to the young lady. The young lady was suspicious these days. She wanted to see her but was always shirked by Jiu Ya. She was very unhappy. Is Jiu Ya back? Jiu Ya saw that the young lady was the only one in the room, and the other maids were not there. As soon as I saw it, I knew that the young lady was going to ask her a question, and I became nervous. "Yes." "Tell me about it, sir. What's going on?" Asked the young lady, looking a little serious. Jiu Ya bit her lip and felt the battle between heaven and man in her heart. It's not the way to cheat every day these days. You have to tell the young lady the truth. Since she asked about it today, it's better to say it. As for whether to be beaten or scolded, it's up to God. She plopped down on her knees and cried out what had happened in the past few days. The young lady originally asked, but wanted to know what happened to Fu Mo, who knew that this question, unexpectedly asked such a result, her heart as if she had been cut with a knife, cut blood everywhere. She stood up blankly and looked at Jiu Ya. She couldn't help thinking of the words circulating in the courtyard. At that time, she just thought it was Jiu Ya who did things for herself. She laughed when she heard it. Now that she thinks about it, every word is really in her heart. She shook her hand and pointed at Jiuya, only to feel that she had shown her a cavity of heart and let her knead it, and finally she was going to gouge out her own heart. You, you, you are so cruel. "Jiu Ya didn't know that much, and when she looked at the young lady, she was scared half silly. She was about to get up and help her, but she was kicked down and her face was bruised." Miss, don't do this. The young lady breathes deeply a few times, complexion gradually calm, she is covering bosom, call a person: "Come." A few girls dressed in blue and red came in. Take her. The young lady pointed at Jiu Ya and said, "I beat her up and kicked her out." Everyone knew the rumor, only that the young lady was afraid of tarnishing her reputation, and finally wanted to get rid of the shameless woman. Only Jiuya knelt on the ground, her eyes full of disbelief, her mouth open, her head blank, and she could not say a word. Jiu Ya was stripped of her clothes, the silver was taken away,interactive panel board, and even the hair rope that tied her hair was pulled. She was only dressed in white cloth and earthen clothes, and her hands and feet were pressed by someone, so that the mother-in-law in charge of the backyard slapped twenty mouths. hsdsmartboard.com