He really did not know the details, so he asked, but "Xuanbing strange old man" Lu Song and "Mianzhang" Jiang Nan thought that Sikong Qi was deliberately testing himself! Jiang Nan took one look at Lu Song and told him that Lu Song was in charge of answering. Lu Song also felt that for such peerless geeks as Sikong Qi, the "Golden Hand Scholar", the more open and sincere he was, the better. The most taboo was to prevaricate with empty words. He answered with a smile: "It is said that there is a'double-eared golden vase 'hidden in the'Golden Vase Ancient Cave' of the'Golden Vase Island '!" When Sikong Qi heard this, he thought for a moment and then asked himself, "a gold vase with two ears?"? Is it the '? "Of the double-eared golden vase that the Venerable Jinjiang was good at the three arts of the golden vase? Lu Song nodded and replied, "Brother Sikong's guess is right." Sikong Qijian raised his eyebrows slightly, shook his head and said with a smile, "If there is only one'gold vase with two ears', it won't be of much value."! Because in the past, the "Venerable Golden Bottle" was to use his "Three Arts of the Golden Bottle" to carve two bottles in a comprehensive way, and only when the two bottles were combined, could they be used together! Now, despite all my efforts, I have found a'golden vase with two ears' from this'ancient cave of golden vases', but the other'golden vase with two ears' is at the end of the world, and I don't know where it is hidden. Lu Song and Jiang Nan, see the "Golden Hand Scholar" Sikong Qi actually know the secret of "Golden Bottle in Pairs"? Can not help but admire his profound knowledge, but are silent, refused to say that Jiang Nan has won the first "full bottle of ears" thing! Sikong Qi was an exquisitely carved man who could listen to the sound and judge the appearance. He saw that Lu Song and Jiang Nan had different expressions, so he first wanted to clarify his position. He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Brother Lu and Brother Jiang,pietra gray marble, can you guess the purpose of Sikong Qi's visit?" Lu Song did not hesitate to answer, "There is no owner of the treasure. Everyone can have a share of it. Brother Sikong naturally came here to '!" The gold vase with two ears. " Sikong Qi burst out laughing and said, "Slow down, there is only one'gold vase with two ears' in this cave. Even if the two vases are all there, I have no intention of getting my hands on them." When Lu Song heard this, he couldn't help asking in surprise, "Brother Sikong, since you didn't come here to look for the'Golden Vase with Two Ears', why did you inquire about it?" Sikong Qi replied with a smile,Agate Slabs For Sale, "I want to find out who are the people who come here to look for treasures." Lu Sung raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Brother Sikong's question can be divided into two parts: one has already come and the other has not yet come. What kind of people are Lu Sung talking about those who have not yet come?"? Nature can't predict, but for those who have already come, you can tell Sikong brother! Sikong Qi was overjoyed and hurriedly asked for advice, but Jiang Nan said to Lu Song with a smile, "Brother Lu, there is no one in the'Golden Bottle Cave 'now. Can we go back to the cave and talk about it in detail?" Knowing that Sikong Qi, the "Scholar of the Golden Hand," had never uttered empty words, Lu Song said that he would never covet the "Golden Bottle with Two Ears," so he had no more scruples. He nodded his head and agreed. While paddling the boat to the "Golden Bottle Island," he said to Sikong Qi with a smile, "Brother Sikong, the first person to arrive at this" Ancient Cave of the Golden Bottle "was Jiang Nan, Jiang Feng, and Kun Zhong!" Sikong Qi took one look at Jiang Nan and said with a smile, Calacatta Nano Glass ,white marble mosaic, "As the saying goes, 'Ancestors are the masters.' Since Brother Jiang Xian Kunzhong was the first to enter the'Golden Bottle Ancient Cave, 'he should be the new owner of the'Golden Bottle with Two Ears.'" Jiang Nan said with a smile, "Thank you very much, Brother Sikong, but I've only found half of the'gold vase with two ears'. I haven't got it completely yet." Sikong Qi asked in surprise, "Brother Jiang has found half of the words, but how do you explain them?" "Brother Sikong," said Lu Song with a smile, "when you get to the Cave of the Golden Bottle, you'll know at a glance. Now I'll tell you all the people in the martial arts world who have been here." Speaking of this, he paused briefly, took one look at Jiang Nan, and then said to Sikong Qi with a smile, "The second batch of people who came were the'Helan Three Bears' of the underworld. They wanted to try their best to rob them, but they all died under the'Mianzhang 'magic skill of Boss Jiang!" Jiang Nan smiled with shame and said, "My skill is not worth mentioning at all in the eyes of people like Sikong." Lu Songkan continued to laugh and said, "The third group of characters are Lei Yaozong, the eldest brother and sister of the Five Poison Alliance, the Poison Turtle, Lin Shou, the third brother and sister of the Five Poison Alliance, and a henchman named Qian Laoqi who doesn't know his origin." "Oh," Sikong Qi said, "The brothers and sisters of the Five Poisons Alliance are all extremely vicious. It's not easy to get rid of them. Brother Lu and Brother Jiang, how did you make them leave?" Lu Song burst out laughing and said, "How can we do that?"? "With the help of Sikong's brother in this matter!" Sikong Qi was stunned when he heard this. Lu Songdao told the "Golden Hand Scholar" what had happened before and after in detail. By this time, the two boats had already arrived at the "Golden Bottle Island", and the three of them floated ashore together, tied up their boats, and headed for the "Golden Bottle Ancient Cave". "Brother Lu, Brother Jiang," said Sikong Qi with a smile as he walked, "let me have a look at that strange bottle-shaped stone. Maybe Sikong Qi can make a little effort? Break the stone for the treasure? Jiang Nan listens to Si Kongqi to say so, nature is very glad, preempted to enter "golden bottle ancient cave" in! But then came a cry of surprise from Jiang Nan from the cave! This "Mian Zhang" Jiang Nan, in the past, had the virtue of saving the life of "Xuanbing Strange Old Man" Lu Song, so Lu Song was extremely concerned about him! As soon as he heard Nan's cry of surprise, he secretly gathered "Xuan Bing Zhen Qi" to protect himself and scurried into the "Golden Bottle Ancient Cave." He shouted, "Boss Jiang, how are you?" When he reached the mouth of the cave, he heard Nan answering in the cave, "Brother Lu, you and Brother Sikong, come quickly. Something strange has happened in this'Golden Bottle Cave '!" When Lu Song heard that Jiang Nan was safe, he was relieved. He frowned and asked with a laugh, "Boss Jiang, you're scaring me!"! "What strange thing will happen in this'Golden Bottle Cave '?" The voice was square, and he turned into the cave with Sikong Qi. Jiang Nan frowned and stood in a daze. He cried with a wry smile, "Brother Lu and Brother Sikong, do you think there are ghosts in the world?" Lu Song laughed and said, "Boss Jiang,Granite Slab Supplier, what on earth did you see?"? How can you make such a fuss and lose your mind! Jiang Nan said with a wry smile, "Brother Lu, I'm not crazy. Haven't you found something missing in this'Golden Bottle Cave '?" 。 forustone.com