Sikong Qingyi never thought that the giant color would appear in front of him again so soon. (Novel Network, Mobile Station WAP.). Cn updates the fastest). And in this shape and posture. The men off the court were almost crazy about it, and every time she turned around and kicked her legs, revealing her snow-white and slender jade legs, she could almost set off a loud noise. Although the giant color has not received professional dance training, but her natural super imitation skills, as well as the soft and charming movements that she practiced with him in the 108 style, a gesture, a wink and a smile, all with irresistible charm. Especially that look in the eyes, Yingying is like autumn water, looking at all the waves. Sikong Qingyi only felt that his whole body began to heat up, and the drinks he had just poured down seemed to have turned into kindling at the moment, running in his blood, and the desire of the two brothel women, who could not stir up, rose at the moment they saw her. Is this woman crazy? Sikong Qingyi smashed his fist on the window frame and cracked the finely carved wooden frame. His anger rose in his eyes and his chest seemed to burst open. He really wanted to rush down and push the woman down on his legs and hit her on the buttocks to see if she dared to fool around like that in the future. However, I just broke up with her last night. What qualifications do I have to control her now? She turned and looked at him again. Clearly saw his eyes that had begun to turn red, but she just sneered, jumped in the air, the skirt flew out of a bright flower, below the two long and delicate jade legs exposed,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, causing all the people present to gasp. A loud "good" word burst out. She landed on the ground and kicked off her shoes, revealing a pair of white and delicate feet. Jumping and dancing on the bright red carpet, like a pair of little pigeons. Occasionally flying to the edge of the stage, pointing to a few sexual predators who came to the front of the stage, they almost went crazy, reaching out their hands to grab there, trying to catch the lovely white doves. And drag her down. But the giant movement is light and erratic, always jumping between the claws of the wolf,Artificial Marble Slabs, so that they are only a little bit off each time, itching is even more crazy, so the other people can not sit still, have come to the front of the stage, surrounded by the big stage, countless wolves desperately stretched out to the stage, trying to catch her. Looking at the giant color, it is dangerous and dangerous to avoid one wolf claw after another. Sikong Qingyi's heart was almost in his throat. Had she not been taught a few flying skills, she would have been thrown down by wolves, and the consequences would have been unimaginable. The giant color jumps on one side. While looking at Sikong Qingyi standing at the window of the box on the second floor. This guy has the strength to smash the window. Why don't you have the courage to come down? Can he really watch it? The more the giant color jumps, the more bitter the heart is. His feet ran past the claws of the sexual predators several times, and then he danced in the center of the stage most of the time. Occasionally to the edge of the swing, but still can not calm the cries of those sexual predators, they were stirred up by the enthusiasm and desire, crazy to rush towards her. She sighed in her heart, people go to the brothel through the novel, Marble Granite Price ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, all the scenery to death, not by the emperor prince, is saved by the hero swordsman, how can she be so unlucky, meet such a group of anxious goat. Heart under a horizontal, giant color and stare at Sikong Qingyi, see him still like wood standing there, even more angry, the heart thought, since he does not care, then get a green hat to show him, if to that point he is still indifferent, it is really not worth pestering. Before she had time to act, she heard a man laughing at the door, and a strong wind hit her, dividing the lady-killer in front of the stage into two pieces, leaving a three-foot-wide walkway in the middle, and a man came over laughing, only to see him take a few steps and cross a few feet away. He had already stepped onto the stage step by step. As soon as he relaxed his long arms, he took the giant color into his arms and held her slender waist. He took a deep breath through his nose and laughed. "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I never thought there would be such a wonderful person in the first house!" The giant color was shocked, and just as he was about to break free, his big hand on her waist moved slightly, and already touched her hemp point, which immediately made her body soft and fell into his arms. You're a player! The giant looked at him angrily and angrily. "What are the players doing here?"? Beware of me complaining about your cheating! The man smiled, "Player to player, that's interesting. Are you still interested in playing with these NPCs?"? What kind of love? Beauty, Xiaosheng, yuan Bupo, is willing to spend a good night with a thousand pieces of gold. How about that? "Let go!"! There was a loud shout in midair, and Sikong Qingyi finally jumped out of the box on the second floor, flew down in the air, and clapped his hands at yuan. yuan Bu broke one hand holding the giant color, even a few steps back, the other hand kept drawing a circle, his palm one by one to dissolve, has been back to the edge of the stage, his body fell, even the giant color fell back together, scared people behind him to flee, thought he was going to fall, do not want him to fall out of the stage, a somersault in the air, beautiful polar Still holding the giant color firmly in his hand, he had already pulled away from Sikong Qingyi and chuckled at him. "Your Excellency is very skillful. It's just that fighting here is a disgrace to spread it out. Why don't we go out and fight again?" Sikong Qingyi glared and pointed at him with a sharp shout, "I'm ready to fight, but you let her go first!" The giant gave him a white look. "Who are you?"? You want to take care of it? "You!" Sikong Qingyi didn't expect her to pretend that she didn't know herself, and the resentment in her eyes was so obvious that he almost vomited blood. How can you come to a place like this and dress like that? "Simply what?"? I have no relatives with you. Why do you care about me? As soon as the giant color heard him speak,Pietra Gray Marble, he became angry and completely forgot that he was still controlled by others, so he began to quarrel with him first. "Aren't you hugging around here yourself?"? You men are allowed to come here to have fun, but we women are not allowed to come here? I'll go with you. I don't know this man! 。