Among the animals, Su Man hated the mouse most, but now looking at the scrawny wolf, I don't know why, Su Man's heart was inexplicably born with a touch of pity, and his movements became more and more gentle. Inside and outside, the wolf cub was washed three times, and after the water was thoroughly cleaned, Suman lifted the wolf cub out of the water and wiped it with a clean towel. After the fur was dried, the fur on the wolf's body was fluffy, and it looked more like a large grey mouse. Su Qing's life servant beast is a golden eagle, think of the golden eagle after growing up that majestic handsome charm, and then look at their own wolf cub, even when they grow up is a big bad wolf, Su Man can not help but secretly sigh. Seeing that it was getting late, Suman was no longer entangled. She picked up the wolf and rushed to the'magic tower '. Only when a monk fights and grows up with his own servant beast, can he be more connected with his own servant beast. However, the newborn first-order monster beast is very fragile, and it is very dangerous to take it to the wild to fight. In order to make the servant beast grow up as soon as possible, Xianyue Zong specially set up a magic tower to exercise the servant beast. When the servant animals are young, the friar can take them inside to exercise. When the servant beast is stronger, he can take it to the wild to fight side by side with his master. Enter the'magic tower 'need flower spirit stone, a month 30 pieces of spirit stone, originally Su Man also thought expensive,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but when she stepped into the'magic tower' that moment, the idea immediately changed. There is a huge spiritual array under the Magic Tower, which is full of Reiki. Suman came to such a place for the first time. When she took a breath, it seemed that every pore was filled with Reiki, and the spiritual power in her body was ready to move. She wanted to close her eyes and meditate immediately. No wonder some monks would come here to retreat when they hit the checkpoint. Apart from anything else, there was plenty of Reiki here. It's worth it. Because here is a special place to train young spirit pets, a day to consume a spirit stone, but also because Suman brought in young servants,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Zongmen subsidized the price. If you come here specially to retreat, the cost is more than a hundred times higher, but also need Zongmen contribution points, etc., it is not so easy to come in. After going through the formalities, Suman went into the magic tower. Inside the tower is a long passage two meters high and one meter wide. On both sides of the passage are stone gates. In the middle of the stone gate is a round bead the size of a fingernail. If the bead is red, it means that there are already people in the stone room. If it is green, it means that no one is using it. Su Man took out the jade amulet he had just distributed and pasted it gently on one of the green stone doors, which slowly opened. Suman stepped into the stone room, and the stone door behind him closed automatically. Stone room is not big, about 20 square meters, there is a square stone platform in the innermost, stone platform buckled with a transparent glass cover, inside is a special place to train servant animals. A magic array is arranged in the glass cover, which will create suitable training for the servants according to their rank, type, blood, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, root and bone attributes. This place is full of aura. Suman doesn't want to waste time. She takes out all the first-order monsters from her storage bag and puts them in the array next to the glass cover. This array is designed to preserve food, whether it is cooked or raw, it will not go bad inside, there is a spring inside, you can see that it is used to feed servants and animals. Suman did not know how long it would take for her to retreat this time, so she took out the first order monster and the feeding pills directly. Touching the wolf's little head, Suman told him carefully, "I'm going to retreat. When you're hungry and thirsty, you can eat what's inside. When you have a good rest, you can exercise in the glass cover. You can't be lazy." Su Man didn't care whether the wolf could understand or not. Then she got up and sat cross-legged on the only futon in the stone room. After sacrificing the two instruments she bought in Wanbao Pavilion, she took out an elixir from her storage bag. This elixir is milky white, crystal clear, longan size, put to the nose to smell, but also can smell a very light medicinal fragrance, this is the best Juyuan Dan, Su Jiajia mainly used her elixir for Su Qing. Dan medicine is divided into lower grade, middle grade, top grade and best grade. The higher the grade of Dan medicine, the less erysipelas it contains. For monks, the purer the body and spiritual roots, the less impurities, the faster the speed of practice, and it is not easy to encounter barriers when advancing. Friars seldom eat grains after they open up the grain, but because they need to refine the elixir, their bodies will still accumulate impurities. The more impurities, the greater the harm to the body, so monks often spend a lot of time in seclusion to eliminate impurities in the body. The Reiki contained in the best elixir is not only much purer than the ordinary elixir, but also the erysipelas is almost zero. It will not accumulate impurities in the body after taking it. So even though the best elixir is very expensive, Suman still bought it. As soon as the elixir was swallowed, a huge aura exploded in the Dantian. As soon as Su Man's face changed, he was busy running the'Wooden Soft Water Formula '. With the operation of the exercise, the huge aura in the Dantian ran crazily along the eight extra meridians. The aura in the magic tower also poured into her body from the pores of Su Man's whole body. This pair of body has never taken the elixir before, the original body practice to practice Qi three layers, the body's Reiki can be said to be a little bit of accumulation, although the advance is slow, but the foundation is very solid, so Su Man a refining elixir, cultivation will enter the middle, late and peak from the early stage of Qi four layers.. As Xiu Wei continued to climb, Su Man's whole body emitted a faint milky white halo, strands of strands, wrapped her up. Su Man's eyes were closed tightly, and her bare skin showed a jade-like color, which made her look particularly quiet and soft, and the whole person seemed to emit a strange fragrance, which looked delicious. The little wolf was bowing his head to eat meat. At this time, he looked up as if he felt something in his heart. When he saw the scene in front of him, the little wolf was stunned and forgot to swallow the meat in his mouth. Moments later, the wolf shook his tail and walked very lightly to Suman. Coming near Suman, the wolf raised his head and looked at the soft girl who was bathing in the light, and sniffed at her. When he smelled the strange fragrance,brushless gear motor, the wolf's eyes suddenly turned dark red, and the depths of his eyes were clearly extinguished, flashing with a faint light of unknown meaning. 、020。