"All right, let's go." Putting down the teacup in his hand, Jinlong finally responded to Lu's distant and shining eyes, expectant eyes. As a result, Lu yuanyuan and Jinlong appeared over the sea again. Then, Lu yuanyuan looked at the island planning in his mind and gestured with his hands. Jinlong, although he did not know what Lu was gesturing with, was still waiting quietly beside him. Anyway, if there is something about him, Lu yuan will call him out, even if he won't make a sound, he will use something else instead, such as the shining eyes. After planning for a long time, Lu yuanyuan finally decided to set the nest next to the small lake in the middle of the island. Isn't there a saying that it is close to the mountains and rivers. Next to a small lake, behind a mountain, Feng Shui is very good ah! Lu yuanyuan decided on the location and immediately flew to the side of the small lake. When he was about to call Jinlong down to help, Lu yuanyuan's eyes were attracted by a bamboo. The bamboo was dark green all over, and the color was shiny, like a layer of paint. The leaves are green, as if they are delicious. Moreover, it is only a bamboo, but the aura is not small. Very good! It can be used to decorate the courtyard and enhance the artistic value! Lu yuanyuan was very satisfied with the bamboo. Looking at the green bamboo leaves, he finally couldn't help picking one and stuffing it into his mouth before Jinlong stopped it. How do you eat bamboo when the road is far away? Jinlong looked at the road far away and quickly stuffed the bamboo leaves into his mouth and chewed them up. He couldn't help but have black lines all over his head. Why can't you eat it? It's delicious! Lu yuanyuan kept chewing in his mouth, bamboo leaves have a unique fragrance of bamboo, slightly sweet, crisp, very delicious ah! Lu yuanyuan chewed in his mouth, and his hand stretched out restlessly to the other bamboo leaves. After picking one, he continued to stuff it into his mouth. Hmm? How is the belly hot? Lu yuan looked at the belly and found that the inner alchemy was running. It seemed that the leaf was filling the aura? Hey ~ no matter, continue to eat is a serious matter! Finding no harm to the body,24v Gear Motor, Lu yuanyuan raised his head and continued to pick leaves. Golden Dragon Black Line, looking at the road that keeps picking leaves to send to his mouth, finally stopped when the leaves were half eaten by the road. It's a long way. I don't know what to say about you. Jinlong grabbed the talons of the distant road to the bamboo and opened his mouth helplessly. Ah Lu yuanyuan did not know why, so he earned his hand, but when he saw that he could not earn it, Lu yuanyuan gave up and waited directly for Jinlong's explanation. This bamboo is one of the ten innate spiritual roots of bitter bamboo. Do you want to eat it like this? Jinlong opened his mouth with some teasing, and his eyes were full of banter. Ten innate spiritual roots? Bitter bamboo? Its leaves are not bitter! The road is far away or unknown, so I only know that the leaves of this bamboo are not bad, quite delicious. The ten innate spiritual roots are green lotus, flat peach, ginseng fruit, yellow plum, green willow, bitter bamboo, gourd, Small Dc Gear Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, immortal apricot, hibiscus rosa-sinensis and five-needle pine. The ten innate spiritual roots are. "I know flat peaches and ginseng fruits!"! It is said that you can live for a long time after eating! Lu yuanyuan interrupted Jinlong's words and opened his mouth proudly. It's almost the same, but this bamboo, like flat peaches and ginseng fruits, is one of the ten innate spiritual roots. Jinlong smiled and let go of Lu yuanyuan's hand. In fact, he could have told Lu yuanyuan to stop eating the leaves long ago. He just looked at Lu Yuayuan eating so happily and let him eat a little more. Anyway, this bamboo is one of the ten congenital spiritual roots. Even if half of the leaves were eaten, they would not die, would they? "It's so awesome. No wonder my stomach is hot." Lu yuanyuan listened to Jinlong's words and immediately looked at the bamboo with adoring eyes. Cough, although one side of the bamboo was bald. All right, I'll protect you well in the future! Lu yuanyuan made an oath to the bamboo, listening to the side of the golden dragon once again full of black lines. After nagging at the bamboo, I remembered the business again and turned my head to look at the golden dragon again with shining eyes. Fu Xian.. Help me pull up all the flowers and trees on this land and get a piece of flat ground out. Lu yuanyuan said as he pointed out the area he wanted to make flat. Jinlong did not pursue Lu yuanyuan and called him to "pull up the tree". With a wave of his hand, a magic spell brought out the flat land that Lu yuanyuan wanted. "That's good, but I'm not bad either!" Seeing the speed of Jinlong, Lu yuan hummed a few words and ran to one side to build a house with magic. Of course, Lu yuanyuan is not very skilled in building houses, making a pile of strange houses, and then called Jinlong Qing, Lu yuanyuan built the house he wanted in his mind. Looking at the house in front of us, the road is far away and the beauty in my heart is really a great sense of achievement! "What House is this?" Jinlong opened his mouth to ask, Rao Jinlong is well-informed, and has never seen such a house built far away. "This is a Japanese-style house!" Lu said proudly! That's pretty good! Chapter 42 "Well, not bad." Jinlong looked at the road with a proud face. Although the house looked strange, Jinlong was still very cooperative and did not pour any cold water on it. OK! Let's plant flowers and plants now! Lu yuanyuan rubbed his hands and assumed a posture of preparing for a big job. Suddenly he turned his head and explained to Jinlong: "Remember, don't touch me!" Then, in front of Jinlong, he changed back to the prototype. Why change back to the prototype? It's easy to dig, isn't it? Of course, the fun of digging holes in Buzhou Mountain has not faded yet. As a result, Lu yuanyuan drilled a hole in the ground, while Jinlong looked at Lu yuanyuan with some helplessness. In fact, he wanted to remind us that the road was far away and that plants were not planted like this. However, seeing that Lu yuanyuan was digging so happily, Jinlong finally did not tell Lu yuanyuan this sentence, so when Lu Yuayuan stopped digging holes, the island was full of holes except near the house of Lu Yuayuan. Looking at a wolf, the golden dragon black line, the road is far away, in fact, your prototype is a gopher, right? Lu yuanyuan changed back to human form, looked at the potholes, and then looked at Jinlong's eyes, which seemed to be accusatory. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly and opened his mouth shyly. It seems to be digging too much, Fu first, plant trees. It was more than just digging too much. Although he thought so, Jinlong smiled and then opened his mouth. What trees are you going to plant? Hearing Jinlong's question,Planetary Gear Motor, Lu yuanyuan came to the spirit, swallowed saliva, and answered as a matter of course. ichgearmotor.com