Luo Yan's strong and powerful arms encircled her. Taking, giving. It was not until Lin Miao could not bear to curl up that Luo Yan reluctantly pulled away. Lin Miao's eyes were blurred, his cheeks were red, and he did not know the taste of what night it was. Luo Yan hugged her hard. A few seconds later, he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Lying on the bed, Lin Miao was still as misty as drunk, pulling his sleeve with his fingers. Luo Yan pulled it apart with a little effort. Grow up quickly. "He stroked the broken hair on her forehead and sighed patiently.". Lin Miao blinked his eyes. She is not a real child, how can I not know what Luo Yan is sighing. His face, which was as red as the morning glow, became more and more hot. Luo Yan helped her cover the quilt, turn off the light and go out. Lin Miao pulled up the quilt and buried himself. It's so humiliating. She was so dazzled by the kiss that she almost forgot her last name. She rolled hard on the bed. I wish I could punch myself. The next morning, Lin Miao got up early. As soon as he went out, he saw Luo Yan coming out of the kitchen. Come over for dinner. "Oh," Lin Miao-chien answered,x52 line pipe, burying his face very quickly. When she saw Luo Yan, she remembered last night. His heat, his warmth, and his treasure. Sweetness is like honey rolling in the heart. Luo Yan took out the porridge, and in a twinkling of an eye she was still in a daze,uns s32750 sheet, with two shy blushes flying on her face. How could she not know what she was thinking. His eyes softened and he looked at her quietly. Lin Miao came to his senses for a while before he woke up. Her eyes touched, and she jumped away. I don't want to eat. It's too late for the big class in the morning. "She hurried out.". Luo Yan straightened up. "Are you going like this?" Lin Miao was stunned and looked at himself along his line of sight. Only then did I realize that I was still in my pajamas. Embarrassed, she turned back to the room. The door slammed shut. Luo Yan shook his head and smiled in a low voice. What should I do? She is so cute that I really want to tie her around my waist and put her in my pocket. No one will see it. Five minutes later, Lin Miao pulled the door open and rushed out like a cannonball. Luo Yan waited by the door early in the morning, and when she came out, he stuffed her with steamed buns and milk. You can't be hungry even if you're in a hurry. Lin Miao took it, and his fingers accidentally touched his warm fingertips. She hurried back and ran to the door. Luo Yan followed her and watched her jump down the steps like a jumping rabbit and disappear. It was not until there was no sound in the corridor that the smile at the corners of the mouth slowly disappeared. Lin Miao trotted out of the line of sight of the small building before slowing down. Just about to turn to the path to the campus, a black car skidded from behind. Lin Miao hurried to the side. Early, "the window slowly fell, Si Yue tilted his head and put the speed to the same level as Lin Miao's speed." Morning. "Early in the morning to exercise ah, 316l stainless steel pipe ,316 stainless steel plate," Si Yue grinned out a mouthful of white teeth, lazily teasing. Who do you see working out like me? Lin Miao gave him a big look. She was in a hurry just now, so she put on a thick trousers casually and covered it with a coat with hair over her knees. Covered up like a bear. "Si Yue got down and pulled the car over with a squeak." Get in the car and I'll take you there. "No," Lin Miao raised his eyes, and the school gate was in the distance. Be polite to me? Si Yue raised his eyebrows. Who ran out of breath? Chapter 143 engagement. "I want you to take care of it." Lin Miao stared. Good, I was wrong. "Si Yue has long been used to being bullied by Lin Miao.". Lin Miao laughed a little. "Seriously, what are you looking for me for?" "A little bit," Si Yue laughed. " What's the matter? Lin Miao stopped. As you may have heard, my grades were not very good last year. "My family wants me to go abroad, but I haven't thought about it. I just met you and I want to hear your opinion." "This," Lin Miao hesitated. This is a major event concerning her future life. She can't manage it well, and she's not sure to point out the right direction to others. It's all right. What do you want to say? Just say it. I'm not soft-hearted. What should I do? I still have an idea in mind. Si Yue waved his hand, but his eyes were staring at Lin Miao very seriously. If I had to choose, I would go to university in China first. "After graduation, if conditions permit, then go abroad for further study." Lin Miao gave her true thoughts in her heart. It happened to coincide with my idea. "Si Yue nodded, exhaled, and smiled at Lin Miao.". It has the meaning of unloading the burden. So you picked a school? Si Yue nodded, "K University Engineering Department." "Not bad." The engineering department of K university is famous both at home and abroad. It can be said that the students from K University are also welcomed by famous universities even if they go abroad. "Are you sure?" Asked Lin Miao with a smile. "Eighty percent," Si Yue also laughed, "the school wants to send me to Z big, I don't want to go." Lin Miao nodded. Big Z is good, but it's a little worse than big K. And Z major in IT programming, Siyue temperament jump, will not like that boring stuff. Do you also think I went there as a loser? Si Yue put his face out of the window and grinned brightly. I don't think you have that brain. "Lin Miao can't see him like this.". Si Yue touched his head and shyly. Can't you say something nice to make me happy? "Well," Lin Miao did not know that he really wanted to hit him, but when he saw that he was depressed, he was no longer duplicitous. I think you are more sensitive to numbers than formulas, and engineering drawing is more suitable for you. "Or do you know me?" Si Yuezhong resumed his sunny appearance. "It's settled," he said, slamming the steering wheel. There was a loud honking at once. Lin Miao was startled. Si Yue quickly let go and looked around, but when he saw no one looking,x60 line pipe, he waved to Lin Miao. Hurry up, I'll take you there. Lin Miao looked up and looked at his watch. It was really too late. She did not care about anything else and hurried to get on the bus. Hurry up "All right," Si Yue answered cheerfully. He stepped on the accelerator and went straight to the school gate. It stopped at the school gate in two minutes. Lin Miao jumped out of the car and went to the school gate.