The woman answered, "According to the old lady's orders, everyone is watching, and the kitchen is also ready to sober up and wait for supper." This is waiting for Li Min to say good morning and then have dinner together. Li Fengan was not intimate with Mrs. Li, but Li Min won Mrs. Li's favor, not only because Li Min came to send money, but also because this person would really please people. Zuo Shi lowered his head to tidy up the bowls and chopsticks, filled a bowl of tea soup and put it down: "Mother, speaking of Li Min, he entrusted me with yesterday's account book, and I brought it to my mother." Old Mrs. Li did not understand and looked at Zuo Shi. Zuo Shi did not look at Old Lady Li, but turned around and took the brocade cloth bag from the servant woman who came with him. Then he lowered his eyes and put it in front of Old Lady Li. "It's the filial piety of the eldest brother. Li Min is anxious to send the book first. The things are still behind." Old Mrs. Li stretched out her hand to open the brocade cloth and saw the familiar cover of the booklet. In the past, she liked to see this best. She could see it for a day over and over again, but this time … .. "He gave it to you?" Old Lady Li raised her head and looked at Zuo Shi. The originally kind smile on her face was solidified, and the wrinkles were drooping around her eyes. "When did I give it to you?" It wasn't yesterday, was it? Yes, the girl said that Li Min went to see the second child when she came in yesterday. Yesterday Zuo said the answer that Mrs. Li had guessed. Yesterday gave her, this morning she just sent over, old lady Li looked down at the book, so this book was Zuo Shi read, but also read a day and a night! Anyone who takes what is written here will read it for a day and a night, and it is not enough. Imagining how many times other people's hands looked through the booklet that belonged to her, Mrs. Li felt sick. What are you busy with? And asked you to deliver it. She reached for the tea and stirred it with a spoon. She glanced at Zuo Shi. "You're very busy, too." The point of this question is not the previous one. I got it early yesterday morning, and I didn't deliver it until now. Shouldn't this kind of thing be delivered immediately? Zuo Shi,uns c70600, this idea is a little big. The room was full of people, and the women and maids quietly retreated, their faces unable to hide their surprise and their expressions flashing. Zuo Shi, where did you get such courage for no reason? With a smile on his face, Zuo took a piece of steamed cake and said, "It's not that he's busy. It's that the rules of Jiannan Road have changed for him. So he asked me to send it to his mother." Old Mrs. Li is not a three-year-old child. She can't be deceived by the words of trust and resignation. She knows very well what is the key in a sentence. Rules have changed. Old Lady Li grabbed the tea soup in front of her and smashed it on the ground. "My son is dead, and so is my mother." Chapter 28 Chapter 28 The Meaning of Rules Wang, who came back from her mother's home, saw many servants and maids running around. It's too messy to pick us up. Li Mingqi saw the complaint later, "Grandmother's family is not like this." The servants and maids running around stopped to greet the car when they saw it. With Mrs. Li's permission, Wang stayed at her mother's home for two more days and rushed back early this morning. You don't need to take care of the family. Wang glared at her daughter. "Hurry up and bring back the gifts to your grandmother. If it weren't for your grandmother, you could receive so many gifts." Li Mingqi looked proud and looked back at the following car, x60 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, which had a large box of gifts she had received, thanks to her favor in front of Mrs. Li. As the favorite granddaughter of the old lady in the first family of Jiangling Prefecture, more people want to spoil her. I'll go now. Li Mingqi jumped out of the car, "I want to eat at my grandmother's place." She wanted to eat hungrily, as if she had been hungry for a few days. Then she would say that she didn't want to eat outside, but only ate in front of her grandmother. The old man liked this. In fact, the old man was very easy to coax. On the side of the servants who greeted him, they all waved their hands and said, "Miss Qi, don't go now." Li Mingqi was puzzled. Li Min is here. Said the servant woman. Wang and Li Mingqi certainly know who Li Min is. Then your grandmother can't entertain anyone. Wang said with a smile, "you can go later." Li Mingqi cleverly nodded, see Li Min grandmother is happy, she is now in the past is just icing on the cake, it is better to wait for Li Min to go again. A wise girl should judge the situation. Li Mingqi gently stroked the bead ring in front of her, in order to let Li Minglou understand this truth, does she want to borrow a few more days? However, the atmosphere at home was somewhat different. Wang took Li Mingqi back to his residence. Along the way, he saw many servants and maids running around or gathering together with strange whispers. In the past, Li Min was also very busy at home, but they were all running with laughter and whispering with joy. This time the atmosphere was too dignified. What's the matter? Third Lady Wang is very keen. Servants, you look at me, I see you don't seem to dare to say, or Wang's own yard of servants to meet in a low voice: "The old lady and the second lady quarreled." How could Zuo Shi, the smiling Buddha, quarrel with the old lady? Wang is very surprised, this is really a rare thing, for what? "For Li Min." The servant woman hesitated for a moment. The old lady lost her temper and smashed Zuo's rice. Zuo knelt down to no avail. The old lady only asked Li Min to come. At this time, even if Li Min was dying, the servants and maids had to carry him. Li Min did not want to die, he just drank too much last night, heard the girl's message, regardless of washing and changing clothes to the old lady here. Li Min met Li Fengchang on the way to the old lady's yard. The old lady has always been thinking about you and waiting for you to say hello. It's not too late for you to drink and socialize after you've seen her. Li Fengchang's face was calm and unhappy. Li Min repeatedly nodded: "It's all my fault." Look at the old lady's girl, "Xiaomei sister, quickly help me find Jingtiao, I give the old lady negative Jing apology." Xiaomin's originally tense face was amused by his words, and he was busy tightening up, blaming and discontented: "Now you know you are wrong." Not only the old lady is looking forward to him, but also everyone is looking forward to him. Li Min speaks wittily and thoughtfully and prepares gifts for each of them every time. Li Min bowed to her: "Wrong, wrong." Xiaomei hesitated for a moment: "The old lady is not angry because of this." Li Fengchang, who was frowning and despising Li Min's gesture of flattering eunuchs to anyone, paused slightly. Ah,a333 grade 6 pipe, what else did I do wrong? Li Min, with a worried face, pulled her hair and thought hard.