Lost Ark is an MMO from Korea. And in Korean MMOs, microtransactions are often added to the game, but even so this is not very unpleasant. But what the developers didn't expect at all was that this would make Western audiences angry.

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Posts about tons of microtransactions can be found almost every day on the Lost Ark subreddit. However, many players have called for a ban on gold buyers. The anger is understandable. Because buying gold will not only greatly affect the volatility of Cheap Lost Ark Gold the server economy, but in recent years, the entire industry has also had a very big problem with micro-transactions.

Many players feel that if they don't spend money on the game, then the game will make them feel bad. It takes a long time for players to polish in Lost Ark, so many players are willing to do it. Since this is an MMORPG, grinding almost becomes an expected feature. Until the end, when your guild members use their credit cards to level up within 5 minutes, you're going to need to earn enough gold to level up your item.

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Many Lost Ark players have played MMOs that lost a lot of players due to microtransactions and "fallen from grace" mechanics. Whether it is from industry pioneers such as Tera or WOW, to the current new hot MMO Lost Ark, there are more and more controversial topics surrounding this topic.

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